Surgery Prices

Dogs (male and female) under 60 lbs$75
Dogs (male and female) over 60 lbs$100
Female Cats$45
Male Cats$35
Feral Cats$25 (Outdoor only cats, cats will receive vaccinations and an ear tip)
All animals are required to have a current rabies vaccine; if an animal is not current APL will vaccinate before doing surgery. County rabies tag is required and if needed may be purchased for $9 from the County Animal Control Officer.

Other Surgical Fees

Umbilical Hernia Repair$15
Anesthesia fee (when ABS/ABN)$25

Additional Services

To best protect your pets from illness, our veterinarians highly recommend vaccinating your pets at least two weeks prior to surgery. Rabies, canine and feline distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations are offered at our monthly vaccine clinics. For vaccine clinic information and pricing click here. Prices below are for services performed at the time of surgery. 

Rabies 1 year*$10Rabies 1 year*$10
Rabies 3 year*$15Rabies 3 year*$15
Canine Distemper$10Feline Distemper$10
Heartworm Test$25Flea Preventative$5
Dewormer, under 50 lbs.$8
Dewormer, over 50 lbs.$15
Flea/Tick Preventative$10
*In Fulton County, rabies registration is required and is $9 per year. APL requires that all dogs and cats have a rabies vaccination. If your pet is current on her rabies vaccine, please bring proof of this with you.

Other services available

Nail Trim$3
NexGard Chews for Dogs 3-pack $50
Heartworm preventative 6-month supply by weight* $20 – $35
Revolution for cats flea and heartworm preventative$10

Catego for cats flea preventative 6 pack
*Must have a heartworm test at our clinic to purchase